School staff presentation

Schools are increasingly aware of the need to address pornography’s influence as part of equipping young people with the skills they need to develop healthy, respectful relationships and sexuality in the 21st Century.

Effectively equipping staff is a key element in a school-based approach to addressing pornography’s influence. In this 48 minute presentation for school staff, Maree Crabbe, Director of It’s Time We Talked, explores:

  • what schools need to understand about pornography and its influence on young people’s sexual understandings and expectations
  • what schools can do to address pornography’s influence.

This presentation is for all school staff and other interested professionals. It provides a summary of the key themes relevant for anyone working with young people, or in policy in related areas. For teachers delivering curriculum addressing pornography’s influence and well-being staff, we strongly recommend professional learning that explores these issues in more detail. Make an enquiry about professional learning for key staff here.

This presentation addresses explicit themes and is not suitable for young people.

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Running time: 48 mins

Bulk licensing for this video is also available for schools that would like to make it available to their staff. Make an enquiry about licensing this video here.