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Young people

Seeing porn might seem normal. But what does porn say? Who makes it and why? And what does it all mean for you?



What do parents need to know about porn? How can you support your child in this new reality of pervasive porn?



Pornography has become an issue schools can’t afford to ignore. How can your school equip students for healthy, safe and respectful relationships in the 21st century?


Community organisations

What does the mainstreaming of porn mean for your organisation? How can you support young people, parents and schools to address porn’s influence?

New research confirms that Australian young people are seeing pornography years before their first sexual experience

The mainstreaming of pornography

* Our Watch 2020, Pornography, young people and preventing violence against women, Our Watch, Melbourne.

** Office of Film and Literature Classification 2019, Breaking Down Porn: A Classification Office analysis of commonly viewed pornography in NZ, Office of Film and Literature Classification, Wellington.

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Our Watch has released an important new report about pornography, young people, and preventing violence against women, with results from their survey with almost 2,000 Australian young people.

Our Watch: Pornography, Young People and Preventing Violence against Women background paper

Pornography is now the most prominent sexuality educator for many young people. Most young people discover porn well before they encounter sex – perhaps even before they have kissed or held a partner.

It’s time we talked (formerly Reality & Risk) is a violence prevention project that supports young people, parents, schools, government and the community sector to understand and address the influence of pornography.

Although it is common for young people to share sexual imagery, that doesn’t detract from the associated harms. Visit the #TalkingRespect website for more videos like this + free downloadable resources to use when talking to young people. https://t.co/8x7E8aI8FG

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