In The Picture provides guidelines, suggested strategies and a wide range of practical resources from which schools can create a whole school approach to explicit sexual imagery that is tailored to suit their unique community and context.

In The Picture

In The Picture is a new resource that supports secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery.

Parent Presentation

This 45 minute presentation explores what parents need to understand about pornography’s influence on young people and how they can support their child to navigate this new reality.

Pornography has become a parenting issue we can’t afford to ignore.
Readily available and aggressively marketed online, exposure to hardcore pornography is now mainstream. Porn has become a default sex educator for many young people.

Schools are increasingly aware of the need to address pornography’s influence as part of equipping young people with the skills they need to develop healthy, respectful relationships and sexuality in the 21st Century

School staff presentation

This 47 minute presentation supports school staff and other interested professionals to understand pornography’s impacts on young people and what schools can do to address it.

Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography

In Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography, we follow a group of young people who, with unflinching honesty and realism, reflect on the influence of porn on their lives. Has it changed their sexual tastes and behaviours? What are the differences between boys and girls in their approach to porn? What is the effect of the porn industry’s move into ever more hardcore scenes?

The Porn Factor

Through candid interviews with young people, experts and porn industry professionals, The Porn Factor explores how pornography is shaping young people’s sexual expectations and experiences. Essential viewing for parents, teachers, youth workers and others involved in young people’s education, support or care. Now available on DVD.

Parent Tip Sheets: Seven tip sheets providing parenting information around a range of themes related to the influence of pornography, available for download.

Articles about pornography and young people that we have had published in academic and news media.

Guest Speaking and Training: It’s time we talked is available for guest speaking, training and consultancy.