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What should school-based education about pornography look like?

This new article by Maree Crabbe and Michael Flood describes the evidence on pornography’s harms to young people, explains why schools have a key role to play in addressing it, and outlines a framework for best practice in ‘pornography education’. The article is published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education.

Porn as default sex educator heightens risk of abuse

Pornography is not just fantasy on a screen. It is shaping reality in unprecedented ways. This article reports on new Australian research which found that porn has become a kind of default sex educator for young people today.

Pornography and parenting in the time of Coronavirus

Porn is not new, but it has never been so accessible. Amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic, this article explores the importance of opening up conversations about porn with our kids.

Porn as sex education: a cultural influence we can no longer ignore

Not only does pornography commonly portray a particularly concentrated and toxic version of gender inequality, it suggests that it is sexy. This article explores the link between porn and violence against women.

Young people need to hear about porn before they see it

“What’s the big deal?” you may ask. “It’s just sex.” The thing is, it’s not. This article explores the kinds of deeply problematic messages conveyed in the porn that most young people see today.

Sex education in a time of moral panic – and how it’s failing our children

This article by Melissa Fyfe explores how growing moral panic, pervasive pornography and increased awareness of sexual abuse are making sex education even more complicated – but also more important than ever.

What teenagers are learning from online porn

This article by New York Times writer, Maggie Jones, explains how young people’s views are being shaped by the porn they’re seeing and explores whether they can be taught to view porn more critically.


Putting porn in the picture

The impact of pornography on young people’s relationships makes it a key violence prevention issue. This article unveils a suite of resources to assist young people, parents and schools to understand and address pornography’s influence.