In The Picture

‘As a teaching resource, In The Picture is quite simply without peer in its attention to detail and generosity; as a 21st century curriculum document, it is unsurpassed in educational quality or academic integrity, but as a socially responsive account of our times, it deserves compulsory implementation in schools across the country.’

Natalie Charles
Director of Staff Development
Melbourne Grammar School

In The Picture is a comprehensive resource that supports secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery. In The Picture does not provide a ‘program’ to be delivered. Rather, it provides guidelines, suggested strategies and a wide range of practical resources from which schools can create a whole school approach to explicit sexual imagery that is tailored to suit their unique community and context.

    In The Picture includes resources for each aspect of a whole school approach, including:

  • policy
  • equipping staff
  • parent partnerships
  • community partnerships
  • supportive school contexts
  • student education
  • evaluation.

What does In The Picture provide?

    In The Picture is supplied as a DVD, and includes:

  • PDF manuals for school leaders (480 pages), teachers (365 pages) and parent and community partnership coordinators (129 pages)
  • video clips of interviews – with young people and performers and directors from the pornography industry – for use with students (11 clips with accompanying questions) and as part of a parent education event (7 clips with supporting leaders’ notes, preparation guidelines and promotional materials)
  • PowerPoint presentations to support the video clips
  • customisable (Word) resources (189 pages).

The full (school leaders’) manual includes four parts:

Part A

    provides an introduction to the issues, including

  • Young people and explicit sexual imagery
  • Why a school-based approach?
  • How to use In The Picture
  • The importance of leadership
  • Managing sensitivities
  • Key terms
  • Supporting frameworks and policy context
  • Explicit sexual imagery and the law
  • Curriculum context
  • Step-by-step guide to a whole school approach.

Part B

    outlines eight guidelines for a whole school approach to explicit sexual imagery. Each guideline is explained and suggested strategies for implementing it are offered.

Part C

    provides 82 resources that may be used to implement the eight guidelines, for example:

  • Whole school approach checklist
  • Example Action Plan
  • Example policies
  • Teacher preparation and readiness checklist
  • Learning area coordinator’s checklist
  • Conceptual framework for education to address explicit sexual imagery
  • Example letter from principal
  • Example article for school newsletter
  • Parent education event leaders’ notes and PowerPoint with video clips
  • Seven parent tip sheets
  • Community partnership checklist
  • Developing a whole school communication strategy
  • Australian Curriculum connections to explicit sexual imagery education
  • Curriculum checklist
  • Ten curriculum activities
  • Resources to support cross-curriculum learning
  • Teacher questionnaire
  • Wellbeing staff questionnaire
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Student pre- and post- learning questionnaires
  • Useful online resources
  • Suggested reading.

Part D

    provides printable copies of the activity materials – such as scenario cards and discussion questions – for use with students as part of the student curriculum activities in Part C.

Who can use In The Picture?

In The Picture has been developed for use by anyone involved in leading or supporting schools to address health and wellbeing issues, such as school leaders, teachers, other school-based staff and staff from community organisations. In The Picture may also be adapted for use in a range of other community and service organisations that support, educate and care for young people.

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In The Picture is available for purchase for A$275, including GST. Order your copy here.