Become an advocate

As Hustler magnate, Larry Flynt, so aptly says, ‘The genie is out of the bottle!’ Porn is here, and it’s not going to go away. But pornography conveys messages – about gender, power, pleasure, bodies and sex – that are deeply problematic. We can’t afford to allow porn to be young people’s most prominent sexuality educator.

  • Would you like the influence of pornography to be better understood and addressed in your school or community organisation?
  • Do you think it is important that community and political leaders understand the influence of pornography and support young people, parents, teachers and the broader community to address it?
  • Would you like to increase awareness of pornography’s influence amongst your friends and family?

You can become an advocate for addressing the influence of pornography.

In your school

Never underestimate what one parent, student or teacher can do! You can advocate for your school to address the influence of pornography.

For example, you could:

  • make an appointment to meet with your school’s principal, or talk first with a teacher, wellbeing staff or your school’s parents’ association, then approach the principal together
  • ask what the school is doing to address pornography’s influence and explain why you think addressing porn is an important part of equipping students for a healthy, fulfilling life in the 21st century
  • use this website or our flyer, ‘ITWT Advocacy flyer for Schools’ to advocate for the importance of schools addressing porn’s influence through their policies, professional learning for staff and student learning.

Download ‘ITWT Advocacy Flyer for Schools here.

In your organisation

Any organisation in which people access technology – and there now aren’t many that don’t! – needs to consider what the pervasiveness of pornography means for its staff and clients. If your organisation works with young people, parents or schools, particularly on matters related to wellbeing, then it is even more important that the organisation develops an understanding about the prevalence and influence of pornography.

You can support your organisation to address the influence of pornography by:

  • talking with your colleagues about what you have learnt, and why you think it is important that porn’s influence is addressed
  • advocating to management about the importance of your organisation understanding porn’s influence. You may want to show them the community organisation information on this website.
  • use this website or our flyer, ‘‘ITWT Advocacy Flyer for Community Organisations’ to advocate for the importance of community organisations addressing porn’s influence through professional learning for staff.

Download ‘ITWT Advocacy Flyer for Community Organisations’ here.

With political leaders

Effective, wide-reaching efforts to address porn’s influence require high levels of support. Anyone can play a role in educating political leaders about the issues and encouraging them to act. For example, you could:

Write to your political leaders – in state or federal politics – about why you think the influence of pornography is an issue that must be addressed through:

  • comprehensive sexuality and relationships education that includes information about how many of the messages in porn are unrealistic and unhealthy
  • education and support for parents, teachers, youth workers and other professionals
  • you might want to send them a link to this website.

With friends and family

Some of the most important advocacy and education occurs through simply having conversations with friends and family. You might inspire others to become advocates, too!

  • Talk with your family and friends about what you have learnt, and why you think it is important that porn’s influence is addressed.
  • Share our website or some of the downloadable resources on our resources hub – such as our Parent Tip Sheets.
  • Watch our films, Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography and The Porn Factor. In Australia, you can view them when they are broadcast on SBS or SBS Viceland, or access them on demand via our resources hub.