Parent presentation

Pornography has become a parenting issue we can’t afford to ignore.

Readily available and aggressively marketed online, exposure to hardcore pornography is now mainstream. Porn has become a default sex educator for many young people, with serious implications for their capacity to negotiate free and full consent, for mutual respect, sexual health, and gender equality.

In this 50 minute presentation, Maree Crabbe, Director of It’s Time We Talked, explores:

  • what parents need to understand about pornography and its influence on young people
  • how parents can support their children’s healthy social and sexual development in an age of pornography.

This presentation is for parents, carers and other adults involved in the care and support of young people. It addresses explicit themes and is not suitable for young people.

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Running time: 50 mins

Bulk licensing for this video is also available for schools and organisations that would like to make it available to parents in their community. Make an enquiry about licensing this video here.